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I am a certified in Hairdreams, the Hair Shop, Hot heads, and Perfectress extensions.  I trained in NYC, Charlotte, and various other places. The Hair Shop has served the high-end Los Angeles hairstylist community for over 20 years. Over the years they have established their selves as a leader in providing 100% human hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces and tools, having served such notable names as NBC, ABC, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, and many more. The Hair Shop has been a hair extension community leader, with their innovative techniques and high quality hair, offering a huge selection and competitive pricing.  I use only the best for my clients, which is why I chose the Hair Shop for my extension services.

Hair Extensions come in many different techniques and styles.  Below are descriptions listed in order from least expensive to highest.

Hair Replacement Service: This service will help thinning hair look fuller and help cover bald areas on the head of men or women.  This hair replacement procedure involves no surgery, no adhesives, no products, or wigs. To be a good candidate you must have some hair in the area that you are trying to fill.  It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to complete. This hair replacement service will last for about 6-8 weeks before it needs to be touched up.  Pricing starts at $250 this includes the cost of the hair.

One-Step Weft Extensions: Patent pending technique offered exclusively by the Hair Shop.  This technique is an alternative to sew-ins, no braids, no glue, no heat! The wefts are put in with micro links attached to the hair wefts, your hair is pulled through the links, and then they are clamped shut.  This method is very comfortable and can be tightened without having to take them all out.  The one step weft extension initial cost starts at $300 & up,including the cost of the hair.  Price is dependent on length and color of hair you order.  Tightening appointment is $50 & up, and retouch appointment starts at $100. 

Skin Weft (Invisible, Tape-in) Hair Extensions: I use  Hair Shop skin weft tape in hair extensions or Hot Headz, this is where your hair is placed between two hair extensions. Each weft is about 2" wide, the adhesive used with these extensions is a keratin based adhesive, if taken care of properly and removed properly this  method will cause little tension to your own hair.  This is very natural looking. Lasts from 6-8weeks and the hair is re-usable for about four applications.   Initial Prices start at $450 & go up from there depending on the length and how much hair you want to add. Pricing includes cost of hair. Retouch is $200 & up, removal is $50 & up.  

Micro-Link Extension: Microlinks are small silicone bead that are used to place i-tip extensions to your hair.  I-tip are small individual strands that are attached to your hair, this method is glue free. Lasts for months at a time, with fills.  Hair is re-usable. For adding length and fullness pricing starts at $650. For adding highlights or lowlights pricing starts at $150 & up.  

Fusion Hair Extensions:The fusion hair extension technique is done with keratip hair extensions.  Keratip extensions are pre-tipped with a synthetic polymer compound which is heated and then fused to your hair using the strand by strand technique.  This method can be worn for up-to 3 months, the hair cannot be re-used.  Pricing for fusion hair extensions starts at $800 and goes up depending on length and grade of hair purchased.  Removal is $50 & up.

*New Nanobeamer  technique: Nanobeamer fusion hair extensions are a low heat fusion method, which uses the nanobeamer hair fusion tool.  This Nanobeamer tool uses low heat polymer bonds to fuse five hair extensions to your hair at a time. The bonds are softer, smaller, and virtually invisible, while being a completely strong bond.  The Nanobeamer technique will last for about 4-6months at a time (with maintenance every two months), the hair is not re-usable, and takes about 2 hours to complete. This tool cuts down appointment time dramatically, allowing you to get 150 strands in about two hours.  Pricing for a whole head of Nanobeamer fusion hair extensions is $950 & up.  

NOTE: For all hair extension services, a consultation is required.  Pricing listed is for whole head of extensions, if you want less or just a few accent pieces, pricing will be less.  A consultation for hair extensions cost is $25; if you choose to book your appointment at the time of your consultation, the $25 will go towards the cost of your hair extensions. All hair extension purchases are final and there are no refunds on services. 

Nanobeamer Tape-In Extensions Skinweft ExtensionsSkinweft Extensions
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Tape-In Hair ExtensionsTape-In Hair ExtensionsSkinweft hair ExtensionsSkinweft Hair Extensions
Skinweft ExtensionsSkinweft Extensions Skinweft ExtensionsSkinweft Extensions
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